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    ShenZhen A.R. Electric Co. Ltd is an emerging high-tech enterprise. The company manufactures “ARLIN” thermal fuses, thermal controllers and temperature sensors. With a strong R&D team and a full capability test laboratory, we are devoted to provide total solution on thermal controlling for appliance manufacturers.......

    F00/F01 Series
    KSD1 Series
    ART Series
      Temperature Control Specialist
      • Excellent teamOur team backbone members have more than 500 companies in the world and well-known domestic listed companies as core management...

      • First class R & D strength We also have a sound, independent product development capabilities. Especially in the production process of ...

      • A number of industry certification We set up at the beginning of the company began to develop and through IS02015, IS014001, OHSA18001 three standard integrated management system certification,

      • Partner recognitionIn the past long term with the electrical operators to develop and solve the various problems in the application process, we also accumulated a wealth of application experience.

      • EU Directive Products have been obtained 3C, UL, VDE and other certification. And, all products in line with RoHS, REACH EU environmental protection

      Product Application Areas

      To inform us of your needs, we provide the best solution at shortest time.

      12-26 2017

      深圳市艾阿尔电气有限公司现向全球招募合作代理商,共同分享艾阿尔科技成果及利益。欢迎志同道合之同行、知名元器件分销商加盟。 联系人:王浩 13823325880 邮箱:arlink@ar-sz.com...

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      4-8 1 2018
      To participate in th

      Ai al electric (ARLIN) 2018 guangzhou, China international home appliance accessories procurement fair (spring). Welcome new and old friends to visit. Show time: April 15 to 17, 2018 Exhibit a: E03 The pavilion where: pazhou, guangzhou, China - international procurement center The pavilion add...

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      4-8 9 2018
      ARLIN@ To obtain ISO

      Thermal Links Thermal Control Temperature sensor...

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      ADD:Bldg F, Longxin Industry Park Fenghuang 3rd Industry Park Fuyong Street Bao'an Shenzhen,Guangdong,China